Neha – Founder/SnackMaster

Living and breathing all things popcorn are the official SnackMaster duties! The how, when, why, and where, of getting it to you are a specific focus.

Favorite Popcorn Pairing: Savory Masala and Roasted Peanuts. This is Masala Pop in its truest form, and what the SnackMaster grew up eating.  The added peanuts lend a texture and flavor balance to the snack that is hard to resist. Add any boozy drink to complete the experience.


Kym – Pop Bot

kymWhat is a Pop Bot? What else do you call the Accounting/Business Development/Marketing/Assistant Snackmaster?

Favorite Popcorn Pairing: Tamarind Sesame with local IPA brew. What’s not to love? IPA brings out the sweetness of the popcorn, while embracing the spicy finish, and complementing the citrusy, hop flavors of an IPA. Very Satisfying.


Jason – Kitchen Kernel

Cropic Share FileOur Kitchen Kernel is the Quality Control/Inventory/Production Magician. The Kernel is the reason why every batch produced will be intricately inspected for absolute quality and perfection! 

Favorite Popcorn Pairing: Savory Masala with Grapefruit San Pellegrino. After indulging in subtle but spicy popcorn, washing it down with citrusy, crisp taste of a grapefruit drink is perfectly refreshing.


Jennifer – The Queen of Pop

photo (19)Popcorn pusher extraordinaire! Our Queen of Pop thrives on the enthusiastic energy and feedback from our fans at all events and demos. She knows her stuff, and can’t wait to tell you about it.

Favorite Popcorn Pairing: A self proclaimed popcorn connoisseur and die hard Savory Masala Pop fan. Her favorite pairing simple, Savory popcorn in her hand. No frills necessary.


Brooke – CPO (Chief Popping Officer)

cpoMasala Pop’s first official employee, the CPO really knows her way around a popcorn popper! Her meticulous focus on production from popping to packaging are unmatched.

Favorite Popcorn Pairing: Chai Masala with a latte (hot or iced). Who doesn’t love to drink coffee with their dessert? Rich and creamy lattes are balanced by the sweet, warming spices found in chai. A dessert that’s disguised as popcorn.


Big Poppa – formerly known as “Poppi”

photo (18)Exit “Poppi”, enter “Big Poppa”.

He knows how to get the job done and he means business. He’s not as photogenic as Poppi, but we’ve grown to love him for all the extra fluffy kernels of joy he brings us. With so much extra popcorn and time now, we can’t help but create new flavors.


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