Human Immune System

Keeping a Healthy Human Immune System

Human Immune System

Your health is under continuous attack from outside influences such as toxins, foods, fats, the atmosphere, pollution, which comes even from the car that you need to get around.

Our bodies are programmed to help and support us naturally. Still, without the right kinds of support, without proper nutrition, proper amounts of sleep, and a more healthy style of living, sometimes our bodies and our immune system can suffer badly.

There are a few simple things we can do every day that will help to give us extra nutritional protections that we can use, such as supplements. They will help to boost your immune system in many ways.

Aside from the immune system boosters and supplements, what are some other ways to build your immune system and keep it healthy? Are there things you can do every day that will help you to keep your body in good operating order and make your immune system function at its best? There are actually quite a few things that work together.

** Eat well-balanced meals. Keeping the immune system healthy means, you’re going to require a well-balanced diet that will assist you in combating germs that can cause sickness. If your diet doesn’t consist of the right amount of fruits, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, you should consider taking a supplement to make sure that you get them.

Try to avoid high stress. There is a strong link between higher stress and a lowered immune system function. Identify stressors and remove them, or learn new coping mechanisms to help you become in control of the situation. Well managed stress is the key since no one can completely avoid it in their life.

Get Enough Rest. Your body will heal and repair itself during the time that you’re asleep. If you do not sleep enough, the body can’t handle the stress or activity that it goes through during the day. You may not suffer immediately, but in the long run, you will. Your immune system goes down to the level that you can more easily become ill from small things that might not have affected you if you were better rested.

Basic Hygiene

Washing your hands is a great way to stay healthy. Touching even something in a grocery store will net you a whole plethora of germs doing combat on your body. Touch your face, your eyes, or mouth, and guess what? Illness waiting to happen. Make sure that when you’ve been out in public, you wash your hands thoroughly when you come home, particularly before eating. Sound like common sense? You would just be amazed at how many people don’t’ use it. Using a hand soap that is antibacterial really isn’t necessary. Any mild soap and water will accomplish what you’re trying to achieve.

Get Enough Exercise

Get some kind of physical activity regularly. Studies have shown conclusively that exercising even mildly has a significant effect on our bodies and can help us to be better able to stave off mild to moderate disease. Keeping the body active means as little as five or ten minutes a day of moderate physical activity. Even sweeping a floor counts as some kind of exercise. Low-intensity exercise will help you to decrease your chances of getting sick quite significantly by increasing the activity and even the count of the cells in the system that fight disease..

The Immune Cells

People seem to pay a lot more attention to their immune system functions during the fall and winter months, but the fact is that during the summer when flu season appears is actually a tough time for your body. It works hard all year long to get you healthy. Paying attention to it all the time just makes good sense.

There are some natural ways to get a healthy immune system, as well. Which foods will boost it?

Antioxidants also fight the baddies called free radicals that damage the cells in the body. A couple of great vitamins in those to support your immune system will be Vitamins C and E

You can find vitamin C in green peppers, oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, and cantaloupe. Make sure that you offer your body at least 90 mg of Vitamin C daily, whether you do it from food or supplements.

You can find Vitamin E in nuts, seeds, and supplements. Doctors say to get at least 15mg of Vitamin E every day.

Green tea contains polyphenols that are effectively an antioxidant. Antioxidants aid guard your tissue and cells against oxidative stress, which may activate your immune system, so take in some green tea or other herbal supplements such as acai berry, maqui berry, or even cranberry.

Protein holds a significant role in your immune system. Therefore, it is essential to consume enough protein and amino acids to support your body repair and stay well.

Probiotics also help to benefit the body in many ways. Probiotics can be found in things like yogurt but also in supplements. Consider probiotics to help you get natural resistance to disease.

Getting and keeping a healthy immune system is more than a guessing game. It can be done with the right foods, proper amounts of rest, and exercise. Your immune system will primarily rely on your diet to get the things it requires to stay healthy. Sometimes getting them can be a difficult task, mainly when time is of the essence. You can get a great many of the nutrients that you need in herbal or natural vitamin supplements.

If you’re someone who is on the go a lot and doesn’t always take the time to eat right or sleep well, then taking a nutritional supplement, particularly during the fall and winter months, but even all year round is going to do good things for your body.

Nutrition alone can only do so much. Get some rest, eat a balanced diet, and make sure that you get at least a small amount of exercise to keep your body and your immune system at peak performance.